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Others say about our services

Fashion Store

When designing this service the primary goal was to create an atmosphere in which our target group; the customers can feel themselves especially comfortable when trying the newest pieces of world brands. To this end, to provide the right music for them is of high importance, which – in line with the products offered – follows the latest trends. In addition, the use is very simple and there is no need to learn handling a new device.

Doctor’s Office

The calm, well balanced atmosphere is equally important both for our patients and colleagues. Earlier our colleagues tried their best to edit the suitable music which unfortunately not in all cases met our expectations.  Therefore making use of the service resulted in no small relief for us, and most of all much professionalism. There is pleasant, relaxing background music all around, so now during our work we can concentrate exclusively on our patients. This is a great advantage!


The suitable music is one of the most important factors in creating proper atmosphere in our café and restaurant. Earlier we tried royalty free services and also radios that can be accessed free of charge, but unfortunately they played totally unknown music. None of them matched the atmosphere we wanted to provide for our customers. We have not given up and thank to this we could finally find SMOONMEDIA. Thank to the new background music our turnover increased noticeably and the feedback received from our regular customers is unanimously positive.

Shopping centre

At first we thought it satisfying that known songs could be heard in unedited sequence however our tenants expect the highest level, professional operation from us. So we jumped a level and nowadays we already experience a lot of positive feedback from those shops where the SMOONMEDIA music broadcasted by our centre can be heard. Buyers’ activity has increased and our tenants can receive their customer in a more pleasant atmosphere.

Private person

The radio is on in the background all day when I’m working. A nice variety of music helps in concentration and I can more easily perform even drab, boring tasks. For me however it was not all that much how much talks or ads are broadcasted by a radio and after a week the music offered by all accessible radios became boring. It’s good that your service is on, so by a click I get a diverse, text-free radio meeting my mood, needs. There are times when I need slow-paced, calm music and also when fast-paced one or rather quality music choice, and of course there is sometimes Friday evening.... I like using the system because only one or two clicks; anywhere, any time.